About Us

Purple Patriots was established in 2010 as a private social organization comprised of individuals who simply help people in need.  We believe that the best deeds are done quietly, without the need for recognition.  Our best work is done in private, but we do have publicized events to generate awareness that helps raise funds for properly vetted and compliant state, national, and international Non Profit Organizations (NPOs).

Beneficiaries of our efforts range from: Military Veterans and First Responders – to The Disabled – to Someone who is unable to support their family due to an unexpected tragedy.  Since there is an enormous array and countless definitions of “People in Need”, we keep our organization flexible.  Plans are underway as we establish a separate entity (The Purple Patriot Foundation) with more specific beneficiaries, but the reach of this organization will always be endless and worthy.

Why did we name the organization “Purple Patriots” ?

In the United States of America, the color Red stands for Republican, White for Independent and Blue for Democrat.  If you mix these colors, they combine to make Purple; hence you see many politicians wearing purple clothing and accents.

History has proven that during pivotal, world changing times and united calls to action, America comes together for the Common Good, so we stay out of politics and just focus on people.

While we honor, respect, salute, support and thank God for our Purple Heart military recipients; the name Purple Patriots was not derived nor intended to be misleading about Purple Heart Medals of Honor.  As a “Purple Patriot”, we also recognize that if it were not for the brave individuals of our military – past, present and future – we would not have the freedom and liberty to even have an organization like this one that facilitates safe, honorable and fun events.

Please use the Contact Us tab for questions regarding: our business and organizational structure, use of funds, how to get involved, and the ways that we help people through volunteering time and efforts.